You light up my life*...

Dad putting plastic over the open top of the cupboard.

The kitchen ceiling came down the week before last (and yes, I really should have posted this sooner!).

Well, make that both kitchen ceilings. 

Yes, I had two ceilings in the kitchen.  Because, it's SO much easier, when you are renovating, to simply add plumbing and electrical OVER the existing ceiling, then add a suspended ceiling over that.  Hides flaking paint really well too.


But it's gone, and I'm getting an incredible sense of almost-vertigo when I walk into the kitchen, since it's gained almost two feet in height.  Of course, new drywall will reduce that back a foot or so, but it will still be higher than it was.

Sorry for the bad picture, but I couldn't get the exposure correct with the light on.

And, um, I can't actually turn the light off.

Because the switch won't work anymore (I guess that's what I get for complaining about the position of the switch?).  Dad had to take the light down to rip out the ceiling, and after putting it back up, we realized the switch didn't do anything any more.  He tried again, and got the switch to work - yeah!

Except it also turned off the fridge.

Hard decision - a light that turns off, along with the fridge, or a fridge that stays on, along with the light...

ARGH.  I've bitched before about how I despise fixing other people's mistakes, and the wiring in this house is going to be one big fix.  Odd that, considering the home inspector told me the wiring had been updated... and yet, we've found old knob-and-tube wiring in EVERY room so far. 

During the inspection, we also found an old wasp's nest in the suspended ceiling.  What we didn't realize was that was the tip of the iceberg - fortunately, this nest is uninhabited!

 And yes, I promise to update about the renos more often!

*Does anyone else remember when there used to be "Song of the Year" countdowns every New Year's Eve?  I remember when Debby Boone's "You Light Up My Life" came out (1977.  Does that mean I'm old?), and ALL of us kids hated it.  Hated.  And of course, my dad and Uncle Buddy both predicted it would be the song of the year.  New Year's Eve comes around, we are all at my aunt & uncle's house, listening to the radio... and when it won, Dad and Uncle Buddy ran around, grabbing all the kids and giving them big kisses, just to rub it in :)

I still dislike that song, but the memory makes me smile (especially since my uncle died soon after.)  I can't believe it's been over 30 years since that night!

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  1. Wow. You've been busy! And that's one heck of a wasp's nest.



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