CSA Basket 2 of 10

See?  Up there?  The picture I didn't take, yet again, of my CSA basket, because *someone* didn't recharge the camera battery?

We are somedogs, not someones.  
Also, lacking opposable thumbs, we are not responsible for battery re-charging.

Oh well, simply close your eyes, and picture a box full of lettuces (romaine, a bag of mixed leaves and one of micro-greens), some chard, green onions, radishes, small turnips, a pint of peas and strawberries and rhubarb.

The peas will join some store-bought new potatoes and an onion from my garden in a curry, served over "naked oats"*.  The lettuces will get added to more from my garden, and become my workday lunch salads.  And the chard will join some beans and sausage in a cassoulet.  I'll stew the rhubarb with local maple syrup, and add it to my morning breakfast of granola and yoghurt.

The strawberries?

They never made it out of the car :)

*more about naked oats in another post!

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