Sometimes, you just have to wrap yourself in a blanket and jump*

I did it.  I put my money where my mouth is - literally!

I signed up for my first CSA yesterday.

Yes, I do have a rather large vegetable garden.  But I signed up for a CSA anyway.


1. My garden isn't quite large enough (yet) to be my main source of vegetables for any extended period
2. I have NO fruit plants (yet) (well, other than those that are botanically fruits but eaten as savory dishes, such as squash, tomatoes, peppers... what?  Too geeky?  Sorry, moving on....)
3. While I am growing a large variety of  plants, there are many I don't grow that are available through the CSA
4. I'm interested in seeing if I can actually handle a large amount of produce coming in all at once, and either use it or preserve it before it turns into compost.  And at $25.00 every two weeks for a half share, it's money I'm willing to risk to discover my shortcomings before I put the larger amount of money into expanding my own garden
5. And last, but not least, I'm supporting a very local farmer instead of the non-local grocery chains

It starts the week after next, and a half share is actually a full basket every two weeks (a full share is a basket every week).  I'll be picking it up at the farm (who's web site is currently down) on Friday afternoons, and hopefully will be posting regularly about the CSA and my own garden, and how my attempts as eating local are working out!  Good times :)

I have a LOT of meat in the freezer, and am planning on using that up over the summer, then also starting to source my meat locally.  Due to the price, I'll be eating a lot more vegetarian meals, and need some help there.

Anyone care to share their favourite vegetarian recipes, that can be made from mostly local items??  Please?!?!

*My former boss used to come out with some interesting sayings.  We were never sure if he was doing a literal translation from his first language, or if these were just odd sayings of his, but either way, they were memorable!

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