June?? Already? REALLY?? Aka $500 Challenge - May Edition

And I haven't done the May $500 Challenge update!  I guess spring isn't the only thing that is behind?

One of the main purposes of this challenge was to replace kitchen items that I wasn't happy using anymore - and a big one was my Teflon-coated cookware.  I started the challenge off with a 12" Lodge skillet, and I LOVE it!  So this month, I decided to expand my Lodge inventory with an 8" skillet and a grill pan.

And yes indeed, I bought them from Walmart in Buffalo, USA.

Why?  Because I am not rich, that's why.

The grill pan in Canada, from Home Hardware: $38.99

The exact same pan in Buffalo, mere minutes away from me:  $18.97

These items are more than TWICE as expensive in Canada.  Now, I firmly believe in supporting local business, and local producers.  I will not buy produce or meat from Walmart, I try to buy all my garden plants from local garden centres, I prefer shopping at local stores vs. big box chains.

Up to a point.  And when that point is double the money, for something that isn't local to begin with, then yes, I will shop where my money goes the farthest.  And Walmart in the USA has a much larger selection of Lodge products than Home Hardware does, and the Walmarts here don't even carry them!

So, for less than the cost of the grill pan here, I got both the grill pan and the 8" skillet.  I've already used them (sausages in the grill pan, a mixture of bacon, potatoes and onions in the skillet for a quick supper one night), and I know they will get a lot more use in the future.  With the 12" skillet, the 8" skillet, two (non-Lodge) enamelled cast iron Dutch ovens and the grill pan,  I'm well covered for anything I think I'll be cooking a lot of!  I would like the deeper "chicken fryer", but it's not something I need right now and so can be put on the "want" list.  I'd also like the large Dutch oven, since the lid also fits the 12" skillet, but again, it's not a necessity right now.

skillet + grill pan: $29.94 + $2.62 tax  (the tax rate for Buffalo is 8.75%, and the Canadian dollar is worth slightly more than the US dollar right now, but it's such as small difference, I'm not taking it into account)
Total: $32.56
Balance: $168.93

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