Grocery Spending Update #2

I suck at this.


I cannot stick to a budget.


The stash isn't too bad - I knew I'd be buying pork this month to make sausage and put some away for pulled pork, so just over $40 for 30+ pounds of pork and associated fixings isn't bad at all.

But my non-stash spending...


Bread and potatoes - no problem. Salt and spice from the bulk food store - no problem. My "treat" of ravioli and tortellini (it was on sale!!), and two cans of hot chocolate - bad, bad, bad. And completely unnecessary. And yes, I'm back to buying hot chocolate mix - Dad likes a cup when he's over here working, and he doesn't like my homemade stuff :(

Spending Jan. 14-20:

Pasta: $7.52
Bread: $1.97
Potatoes: $0.95
Hot Chocolate: $5.98
Salt: $1.83
Allspice: $0.40

Pork: $38.19
Sausage Casings: $4.00

Balance to date: -$22.78 for non-stash, -$32.04 for stash.
I really suck at this. And the stash spending is going to take a HUGE hit this week...

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