Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve of Twelve

Really - I need to get better at keeping up to date with these things!!

The end of the feast...
If you remember, last Christmas, in lieu of gifts, I gave each adult in my family a monthly invitation to a family meal. And I'm a few months late in talking about them - oops!

For September, I did Mexican (well, as Mexican as it gets around here!). September is also Mom's birth month, and she likes trying ethnic food, so I thought it was a good fit. It was just a simple meal of tacos, with assorted toppings, and fajitas with chicken, pickled jalapenos and cheese. Out of the two, the fajitas were the clear winner - something to keep in mind for next time!

October was Thanksgiving - not too surprising! We had the big turkey meal with all the traditional sides. Given that my kitchen was in the middle of renovations at the time, we held it at Mom & Dad's place - thanks Mom!

For November, I had to plan the meal around my youngest nephew's hockey games. We had settled on Sundays as being the day that most people could get together, but, as luck would have it, my nephew ended up playing most Sunday evenings. So, I planned a quick meal after one of his games, and went with the time-honoured post-game meal of pizza and wings! As it was the first meal in the new kitchen, it was a great way for everyone to see the new kitchen, and to put it through it's paces :)

And December, of course, was Christmas dinner. Basically a repeat of Thanksgiving, but with some nice additions of wine, appetizers and dessert brought by the rest of the family.

It was an interesting challenge, as much for figuring out what to eat and when as for actually cooking the food. But it was nice to be able to sit down with the family once a month. And, when asked, they all agreed they liked it, and, most surprisingly, wanted the same thing for this coming year!

So, stay tuned for Year 2 of Twelve Months of Food. And yes, I'll try to keep up this year!!

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