The Return of the Interloper

Over New Year's we once again had company, in the form of my sister's dog, Lily. While the dogs all get along, Katy can, at best, be said to tolerate her furry cousin. As you can see in the following photos...

Why am I all alone?
There you are Katy!
Katy, where'd you go?
Oooh, is this a good spot? Can I join you?
Damn Interloper. She took my spot!
It's my chair! I don't want to share! I don't know how Kip can sleep...

Fine. I'll just move to the back. Don't worry about me, I'm fine. Here. All alone. Hanging on. Precariously. By myself.
Really, I'm fine.
No I'm not. I'm falling.
I hate you.
Lily is now back at her own house, and Katy is much happier :)

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