2013 Garden Seed List

I need an intervention.

You know how they say never go grocery shopping when you're hungry? Yeah, well never do your seed order in the middle of winter when you are craving salads, either!

Yes, I went a bit crazy on the lettuce selection this year, but everything else is within normal limits, right? RIGHT??

124 varieties, almost 1000 sq. ft. of planting space (I'm planting beds more than once), somewhere around 4000 separate plants.

It's going to be a busy summer!

Brassicas Broccoli Green Sprouting

Broccoli Spigariello

Broccoli Romanesco

Cauliflower Snowball

Kohlrabi Gigante

Turnip Purple Top White Globe

Rutabaga Laurentian

Napa Michilli

Cabbage Mammoth Red Rock

Cabbage Copenhagen Market

Cabbage Early Jersey

Kale Heirloom mix

Kale Russian

Collards Georgia Southern

Collards Variegated

Radish Bouquet Mix

Radish Specialty Mix

Radish French Breakfast

Radish Round Black Spanish

Radish China Rose
Greens Spinach Bloomsdale

Swiss Chard Five Colour Silverbeet

Swiss Chard Rainbow

Arugula Arugula

Mache Mache

Cress Curly

Lettuce Paris Island

Lettuce Red Romaine

Lettuce Oak Leaf

Lettuce Grand Rapids

Lettuce Bronze Arrow

Lettuce Amish Deer Tongue

Lettuce Yugoslavian Red

Lettuce Bunte Forellenschluss

Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson

Lettuce Drunken Woman

Lettuce Brune d'Hiver

Lettuce Merville Des Quarte Saison

Lettuce Forellenschluss

Lettuce Tennis Ball Lettuce

Lettuce Heirloom Romaine mix

Lettuce Heirloom Leaf Lettuce Mix

Greens Pac Choi

Greens Tah Tsai

Greens Mustard

Greens Red Komatsuna Mustard
Onions Onions Ailsa Craig

Onions Yellow Globe

Onions Red Wethersfield

Onions White Pickling

Scallions Southport White Globe

Garlic Garlic

Leeks Blue Solaise

Leeks Giant Musselburgh
Cucurbits Winter Squash Sibley

Winter Squash Chersonskaya

Winter Squash Table Queen Acorn

Winter Squash Spaghetti

Summer Squash Black Beauty

Summer Squash Bennings Green Tint Pattypan

Cucumber Straight Eight

Cucumber National Pickling
Carrots/Beets Carrots Chantenay Red Cored

Carrots Scarlet Nantes

Carrots Colourful Mix

Carrots Jaune du Doubs

Carrots Dragon

Beets 3 Root Grex

Beets Albino

Beets Golden Detroit

Beets Chioggia

Beets Mix

Beets Cylindra

Beets Detroit Dark Red
Toms/Peppers Paste Tomato San Marzano

Red Cherry Tomato Riesentraube

Yellow Salad Tomato AAA Sweet Solano

Tomato Oxheart

Tomato Canadian Heart

Tomato Brandywine

Tomato Stupice

Sweet Pepper Alma Paprika

Sweet Pepper Marconi Sweet Red

Sweet Pepper King of the North

Hot Pepper Ancho

Hot Pepper Hinkelhatz

Hot Pepper Fish

Hot Pepper Long Red Cayenne

Hot Pepper Hungarian Hot Wax

Hot Pepper Early Jalapeno
Legumes Dry Beans Ireland Creek Annie's

Dry Beans Black Calypso

Dry Beans Romano

Dry Beans Pinto

Dry Beans Soldier

Dry Beans Black Valentine

Dry Beans Blue Jay

Dry Beans Saskatchewan

Dry Beans Bird Egg

Dry Beans Black Turtle

Dry Beans Littlefield's Special

Dry Beans Canadian Wonder

Dry Beans Jacob's Cattle

Dry Beans Mrocumiere

Dry Beans Fall Speckled

Green Bush Blue Ribbon

Yellow Bush Beurre de Rocquencourt

Striped Bush Dragon Tongue

Green Bush Empress

Purple Bush Royalty Purple

Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor

Pole Bean Lazy Housewife

Pole Bean Rattlesnake

Pole Bean True Red Cranberry

Snow Pea Oregon Giant

Sugar Pea Dwarf Grey

Shell Pea Green Arrow

Shell Pea British Wonder

Shell Pea Sutton's Harbinger
Oddballs Okra Green

Okra Burgundy

Okra Pakistan

Celery Tall Utah

Celeriac Giant Prague


  1. I think most of us need an intervention! I thought I ordered a butt-ton of seeds, thanks for making me feel better! Lol. I'm planting okra too this summer, first time for me. 'Clemson'. I ordered a bunch of seeds of Manitoba (Heritage Harvest Seeds), so far I've been quite happy with what's germinated. I got 'Alma Paprika' peppers from her. Should be interesting to see how those taste! I also bought a bunch of different tomatoes from her; 'Early Annie', 'Martino's Roma', 'Bison'. Also got 'Mascara' lettuce, 'Doe Hill' peppers, 'Old Homestead' rhubarb, and Purple tomatillos (supposedly very rare).
    And then I went nuts over at T&T Seeds (also in Manitoba); 'Black Cherry' tomatoes, an Elderberry plant or two, 2 plants each of 'Fall Gold', 'Royalty Purple' raspberries and green tomatillos.
    Have you ever grown 'Red Stalk' celery?
    I can't see my front window for greenery!!
    This snow needs to melt faster!

    1. We need AA for gardeners!!

      I want elderberries as well (I have just the spot for them - the shaded spot that floods after every rain!. I grew up eating elderberry pie, and it's still a favourite.

      I haven't tried red stalk celery yet - it was on my "want" list this year, but got cut off. Yes, even though that list is way too long, there are some seeds I actually didn't buy!!



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