My Scruffy Valentines

It's February 14th again, and that can only mean one thing: Kip's birthday, and the anniversary of Katy's "Gotcha Day*".

Kip is 6 (!!!) this year, and Katy is probably a year or so older, so we'll say she's 7 today.

They are both fantastic dogs, my loves, who make me laugh every day. I've said it before - I can't imagine life without them, and the joy they bring into my life.

So Happy Birthday Kip, and Happy Gotcha Katy - there may just be an extra treat in store for you both today!

Since Katy was a stray, I don't know her birthday, but we "celebrate" the day she came to live with us, aka her "Gotcha Day". Her actual "Gotcha Day" is Feb. 11, but that's close enough to the 14th!

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