Grocery Spending - Update #5

It really isn't that bad. Honest. The only groceries I bought this week were for this month's family meal - I needed bread, milk and cream, and most expensively, maple syrup. Okay, I'll use the milk and cream for other things. And we only ate one loaf of the bread. And about half of the maple syrup. And... okay, okay. But still, really, if it wasn't for that meal, I wouldn't have had to do any shopping this week!

As for the stash, I've finally tallied up my seed purchases for this year.


How is it possible to spend this much money on seeds, year after year? I really have to get better at saving seed. This is ridiculous, and I still have to buy seed potatoes! Mind you, that tally includes some planting supplies, and shipping, and tax. Still - ouch!

Spending Feb. 4 - 10:

Milk: $4.23
Cream: $3.03
Bread: $3.94
Maple syrup: $11.49

Seeds & supplies: $225.98

Balance to date: -$42.37 for non-stash, -$455.93 for stash.

The balance keeps going in the wrong direction...

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