Seedy Saturday Recap

Seedy Saturday was this past weekend, and it was great! Although I had done most of my seed buying already, there are always a few last things I need to pick up. Like, for example, when I just assume I have enough beet and carrot seed, without actually looking.  Ooops!

Or when family members mention seed they want you to start for them - after you've done your buying for the year, of course.

So, I picked up some stevia seeds for my brother (I'll keep some for me too, just to play with), but I'm still looking for catnip seeds for Dad. Well, for Dad's cat, but you know what I mean. Anyone out there with catnip seeds?

I also picked up some curly garden cress, red garnet amaranth, Pakistan okra and true red cranberry pole beans from Rhizome Farms - things I didn't know I wanted, but you know how that goes! Well, except for the beans - I always want new bean varieties, but I had put a moratorium on buying any this year. Hrm.  Unfortunately, I didn't actually get to talk to Elva about the okra seeds, but I hope to get some more info about them. I'm intrigued :D

And speaking of my bean addiction, Kate from the USC booth gave me some Blue Ribbon bush beans, supplied by Greta's Organics. Enablers, all of them!

Linda from Tree & Twig was nice enough to bring my seed order with her, and "refunded" my shipping charges by throwing in a pack of arugula seeds. This will be the first time I've grown arugula - thanks Linda!!

I also bought some carrot and beet seeds from both Tree & Twig and Urban Harvest - I love being able to go to events like this and see all the varieties on offer!

I managed to see a couple of the talks, but I had to leave early, which was too bad. It was nice to see just how popular the event was. There were a LOT of people there - it's great to see so many people interested in both gardening and in supporting some of the fantastic small seed suppliers we have in the area!

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  1. Every year I try to make it to Seedy Niagara with no luck. Some times it sucks not to be a car person.



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