Grocery Spending - Update #4

I didn't want to do two updates back-to-back, but this puts me back on weekly schedule - well, some sort of schedule, anyhow!

This week's purchases included items for the family supper, but it's not too bad, even though I made chicken alfredo with garlic bread. I had all the ingredients for the sauce on hand, including the chicken, so all I had to buy was the pasta (on sale), bread and croutons for the salad.

The brand of coffee I drink was on sale last week, for just under $12/pound, down from the regular $16. I started keeping track at the beginning of the year, and realized I go through about 3 pounds a month (!!), and I'm down to only 3 pounds in the stash, so I stocked up. I'm good until the end of May now, and hopefully, it will go on sale again sometime before then. Or, I'll stop drinking coffee. Bwahahahahahahahhaa!!!

Spending Jan. 28 - Feb. 3:

Pasta: $1.88
Croutons: $1.94
Bread: $3.94
Tea: $3.02
Coconut: $0.86 (I wanted unsweetened to try in a recipe)
Chips: $1.83 (I am bad - bulk food store fail)

Coffee: $107.91

Balance to date: -$29.68 for non-stash, -$289.63 for stash.


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