And now Kip is 4...

Four years ago today, Kip (and his seven brothers and sisters) was born.

Nine weeks later, he came home with me - after a four hour car ride, during which he whined.  The entire time.  Poor pup!

He grew up quickly.  Too quickly.

And he learned how to jump, and to go up and over and under.   And he even learned how to stop on the table, and not slide off the other side. 

And then we moved home, and he learned what squirrels were, and that a dog needs to be ever vigilant.

And to always look up.

He learned what a lake is, and how nice the beach is - even if he doesn't like water very much.

He is my clown, my goof, my funny funny funny dog.  He loves every one, every dog he meets, and has never had a bad day, a bad moment, a bad thought.

He is my boy, and he is four today.


  1. What a lovely boy! His coat looks so lovely & glistening silver.

    Happy Birthday Kip!

  2. @ Liz - thanks, and how is your new pup doing?

    @ Hornblower - even though he is goofy, he is a lovely dog, thanks! And they both get a fish oil pill every morning - makes their coats nice and shiny :)



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