I'm stronger than I thought...

... or as Dad put it, I'm not as smart as I thought ;)

Flour was on sale, so I went yesterday to pick up two for me, and one for Mom.  They came two wrapped together, so the stock guy (who amazingly found some in the back after I asked for a rain-check upon being told by the store manager that they were out... sigh) simply put a bundle of two in my cart plus one single.  I left the two in my cart through the checkout (paid for, of course!), and went to put everything in my trunk.

As I was trying to pick up the two-pack, from the bottom of the cart, and heave it into the trunk, I was regretting giving up my gym membership, since I was obviously much weaker than I thought - after all, lifting 20 pounds should be a relatively simple task, no?

Except when that 20 pounds is actually 20 KILOGRAMS.  Yeah, lugging 44 pounds of flour is a bit more challenging than 20 pounds!

So, I'm not as weak as I feared, and the flour was an even better deal!

But what the @*#& am I going to do with 44 pounds of flour?????


  1. HI:) I stumbled on your blog looking for tips on descaling a hob kettle. Your blog mentions a Le Creuset so it came up on page two or three of the Google search, lol.

    But I'm bookmarking to come back and follow, your adventures in remodeling are funny and instructive, and I'm looking forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Fox's Mom!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the blog :)



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