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Thursday was pretty much my worst day EVER.  It actually started on Wednesday, the day of the blizzard-that-wasn't.  Although not as bad as predicted, it did leave us some snow, freezing rain, snow and some more freezing rain, followed by snow.  I had the day off work (yippee!), and, so as to make Thursday morning easier, went out to shovel the driveway and clear off the car after the snow stopped.  Of course, after I finished shovelling out the end of the driveway (always the worst part), the plow went by.  So I shovelled out the end of the driveway, again.  But, driveway was clear, car was chipped out of it's ice casing - all ready for Thursday morning.

We got more freezing rain overnight, so I had to chip out the car.  Again.  As I was doing that the plow went by.  Again.  So I had to shovel out the end of the driveway.  Again.  

And the car heater quit, taking the defrost with it.  I think they went to vacation somewhere warm.  Wimps.

I finally get ready to leave - and remember it's garbage day.  Go back inside, gather everything up, put it at the curb, get back in the car, and turn on the windshield wipers to clear off the bits left behind by the scraping.

Which is when the driver's side wiper flew off into the snowbank.

I seriously think I deserve a medal for not giving up, and crawling back into bed for the day.

You'd think, after a day like that, I'd know better than to do anything in the house, right?? 

I decided to install the towel bars and toilet paper holders in the bathroom - easy job, and one I've done before.  You have to screw a "bracket" into the wall first, then the visible part attaches to the bracket with a really small set screw.  The sets come with plastic anchors, and the instructions tell you which size hole to drill to install the anchors first.  

The instructions are wrong. 

I figure out what size drill I actually need, and install the hand towel ring with no further problems.  The bath towel bar is on the same wall, and I want them to be at the same height, so I measure to make sure, install the bar with no problems, and then realize I'm a 1/2" out.

No one will realize, right?  Well, except for me.  And anyone that reads this blog, then visits my house.  Or anyone that looks closely.  Or, actually, anyone who ever goes in that bathroom.

Still not getting the hint that I should stop while I'm behind ahead, I start on the toilet paper holder.  Which has a completely different bracket.  The other ones had a handy little "UP" on them, so you know which way to install them.  This one had no "UP", and instead of anchors, came with self-anchoring screws.  Phillips-head self-anchoring screws (I dare you to ask any Canadian about their thoughts on Phillips-head screws, and why the rest of the world hasn't decided to go with the MUCH superior Robertson.  Just make sure to stand back, as the rant may get a little loud).  

Now, all the other brackets were installed with the two screws side-by-side (as opposed to up-and-down), and since they are all from the same manufacturer, I installed this bracket in the same manner.  I then attached the main part, and, using the really small hex key, proceeded to turn the really small set screw.  And turned, and turned, and turned, and turned, and turned.  Until the really small set screw screwed it's way right through to the other side and fell on the floor.  Not getting the hint, I proceed to do THE EXACT SAME THING.  Oddly enough, with the EXACT SAME RESULT.  

Finally realizing the bracket is in the wrong position, I attempt to take out the Phillips-head self-anchoring screws.  That, because they are Phillips-head and cheaply made, are now stripped, and impossible to remove.  

FYI, a hammer does NOT help remove stripped screws, but a bit pf touch-up paint, and no one will realize you ever tried :)  

Dad, as per normal, came over on Friday and saved the day.

 I did manage to get the lampshades up without any further problems.  At least something went right :)

And just a few more pictures on the bathroom:

 Properly installed toilet paper holder.

I call this one "Towel bar, with schnauzer for size".
 "Mom, why are you standing in the shower fully clothed?"

"No toys, no food, I'm outta here"

And the shower.  Yes, the towel bar is across the room from the shower, but it really is the only logical place to put it, as there will be a cabinet (for storage) going on the wall beside the shower, and putting it on the same wall as the toilet paper holder would mean closing the shower door to get to the towel.  The room is small enough that this location works.

But next time?  I'm staying in bed.

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