[insert hysterical laughter here]

Dad came over again today, to work on the plumbing.

All we needed to do was to fix the backwards taps.

And it only took four hours...

And seriously, it was such a crappy time, I don't even want to blog about it.  We had the @*#*^ things apart, back together, apart, back together, apart...

But finally....

 LOOK!!!  OFF!!!!
AND ON!!!!!!!!!!!
 (Please imagine your friendly blogger laughing rather hysterically at this point of the day)

We also got the medicine cabinet hung - it's the FlÄren cabinet from Ikea:

I also have the large storage cabinet, which will eventually go next to the shower.  But someone has to paint the bead-board first.  Oh, yeah, that someone would be me.  Oh well, for now, it lives in the hallway.

And just because no post is complete without dogs:

Comfortable dog.

Uncomfortable dog.

Katy will sit in almost any position, especially if there is potential for belly rubs.  Kip, not so much :)

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