The Year of the Katy

One year.

365 days.

366 days ago, there was no Katy in the house. 

365 days ago, there was.

This was the first picture I saw of her:
(From Fred at One Bark at a Time, now at Pound Dogs)

And I figured someone would snap her right up.

Four weeks later, she was still at the shelter, so Kip and I made the drive to Toronto to get her and bring her home.

Since then, they've spent most of their time like this:
And this:
But by far, this is my favourite picture of them:
I think they like each other :)

She loves her "Grandpa":
Wants to help him with the renos:
And isn't shy about reminding him which dog he should pay attention to:

Katy has come so far in a year.

She has lost over 5 pounds. 

She is getting better coping with strangers, and her default is now to come sit by me if she is feeling stressed.  Good girl!

She knows how to sit, how to go "over" (jump over something) and how to go "hup" (jump up on something).  She sits to get her collar on and off, and for treats, even from strangers.

I can now brush her entire coat in one sitting.  And I can cut all her nails at the same time.  This, from the dog that would completely meltdown if I tried to cut two nails in the same session when I first got her.  She still doesn't like any sort of grooming, but she tolerates it, and that's all I ask from any dog. 

And best of all, she has learned to play.  She'll play with Kip, and even bring me toys once in a while.  My favourite is when she does a fly-by, and steals Kip's toy from him, and then the grand game of keep-away is on!  There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a dog that didn't know how to play, learning to.  And enjoying it :)

She is my girl, and she is a GOOD girl.

Happy Anniversary, Katydid!


  1. Awwww! Happy anniversary! She's beautiful.

  2. Thanks Hornblower! She is a total sweetheart - makes you wonder how some dogs end up abandoned :(



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