Dad's surgery went okay, and he's recovering well - after a few trips to the hospital to deal with some small issues.

The new tank-less water heater is hooked up, and running great!  While there is a noticeable delay in the time it takes for the hot water to get to the tap, I still think it will save money in the long run.

I got the re-assessment done today for the energy audit, and even though all the drywall isn't completed, the "air-tightness" of the house has improved by over 40%!!  WOW!

The old hot water tank should be removed by Friday, assuming nothing else goes wrong with the process (I'm currently at two phone calls and well over one hour spent on the phone to make this happen.  Seriously, Direct Energy customer service sucks).

I called the manufacturer of the taps, and explained I couldn't find the "cap" for the cold water tap.  It arrived on my doorstep, 3 days later, free of charge.  Danze, your customer service ROCKS!

Look, both caps!!  And they are even on the right taps!

The bathroom is put together finally, even though I still need to do some touch-up paint, and all the trim.  It's SO nice to have at least one room "done"!
As much as I love that cabinet from Ikea, the glass door is a little too transparent for me.  I'm thinking of lining it with some fabric, just so my soap and shampoo collection isn't on display ;)  Ooooh, I also need to replace the brown register cover with a white one!

I bought myself a "I'm tired of winter" treat:

From this artist, and it's even better in person!  Now I just have to figure out where it's going...

Katy found a new perch - she can look out over the side yard and garden from here.  I tell her she needs to start planning the garden...

And can someone, anyone please tell me WHY all the stuffed toys end up at the bottom of the stairs??



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