On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

... I got appliances!

While I technically didn't *need* new appliances, the functionality of my old ones was debatable.

And I have spent years lusting after gas stoves. So, I decided to go for it, and got a new fridge and stove, as well as a dishwasher and over-the-range microwave.

I got a deal on the fridge - freezer on the bottom (my fridge in Saskatoon was like that, and I love that layout), and a "French door" fridge. Normally, this wouldn't have been in my price range, but it was on sale, so...
And my new gas stove. Yes, coffee was the first thing I used it for. Fitting, no?
I love this stove. The gas line was stupid expensive to install - like 50% of the cost of the stove itself. But even with that, I'm so happy I made the switch.

And while I really shouldn't have pent the money, I'm glad I did. And of course, I sold my old appliances. And with that money, I bought something else for the kitchen...

Leading up to Christmas, I plan on posting about my new kitchen. This is (obviously) not happening in real time - renos are MUCH slower than that! And yes, I do know the 12 Days of Christmas actually start on December 25. Deal. :)

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