On the First Day of Christmas...

... I got kitchen cabinets.

Well, sort of. They really are cabinets, just not installed! This is what the kitchen looked like after the truck was unloaded.

After much planning and shopping and comparing and planning and changing of plans and more shopping and more planning, I decided to go with a local company for my cabinets, instead of a big box retailer. At first glance, the price was quite a bit higher - around 20% more, which, when you consider the cost of an average kitchen, is quite a bit.

But, at second glance, the price discrepancy started to disappear. Mostly due to the fact that the price from the local company included everything - the cabinets, crown moulding, under-cabinet valence, counter top, all handles and pulls (do you know how much you can spend on those thing??? And do you realize how many of them you need?!), and complete installation. Even after that, the price was a bit higher, but this is where the local company started to shine. Included in the price?

  • custom sized cabinetry, especially important when working with an old house
  • a selection of styles that was much larger than any offered by a big box store - it was almost too large!
  • a choice of paint colours from the complete Benjamin Moore line  - which meant I could get the cabinets in the exact same colour as the ceiling and trim
  • details, like glass doors and a corner display shelf, at no extra cost
  • two different sizes of crown moulding - the cabinets under the bulkhead got a smaller crown which means they could be taller (yes, I will attempt to explain that better - in a later post!)

For me, the big bonus was the custom sized cabinets. Trying to fit a kitchen like mine with the standard sizes offered by the big box stores, within my budget, was next to impossible. Going with the local company meant I got the best kitchen possible - at a decent price. And - the cabinets are also made here, employing local people. Win win!

So, what do the cabinets look like installed? Find out tomorrow!

Leading up to Christmas, I plan on posting about my new kitchen. This is (obviously) not happening in real time - renos are MUCH slower than that! And yes, I do know the 12 Days of Christmas actually start on December 25. Deal. :)

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