On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

... I got prep areas!

Lots of prep areas!

I knew the long length of counter top under the window would be a great prep area (can't you just see it, covered in jars, come canning season?), but the small area between the sink and stove surprised me at how handy it is. It's just big enough for a small cutting board, and being right next to the sink, it's a great place for small tasks, like cutting up ingredients for an omelette :) It has actually become my main prep area for most of my daily cooking.
The other area I'm really happy with is the cabinet under the bulkhead. I chose a full length cabinet that goes right down to the counter top.  Being right next to the main run of counter top, it's the perfect place to keep all my baking supplies, herbs and spices.
Lots of storage space, and the drawers are great for small items.
Like dog-shaped cookie cutters...
It really is the perfect layout to do large tasks. It's so hard to envision how the kitchen will actually work, when looking at lines on papers, so I'm really happy this layout has worked so well for me.

I realize a corner sink isn't everyone's first choice, and I did go back and forth on that a lot. But I am so happy with it - it gives me a great small prep area next to the stove, and a large prep area under the window, with easy access to everything I need. Especially with all the drawers to hold all my bowls and pots and pans...

Leading up to Christmas, I plan on posting about my new kitchen. This is (obviously) not happening in real time - renos are MUCH slower than that! And yes, I do know the 12 Days of Christmas actually start on December 25. Deal. :)

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