On the Seventh Day of Christmas...

... I got drawers! :)

That is another feature I really wanted in this kitchen, since I find drawers so much more functional than doors for lower cabinets. If I had gone with stock sizes for the cabinets, I would have ended up with fewer drawers - not the end of the world, but not the best option either - especially since we are all getting older, and getting down to reach into the back of a cabinet isn't going to get any easier ;)

The two banks on the window wall are great - they store so much. (And thank you, Katy, for posing so nicely...)

Like all my kitchen linens (As an aside: aren't those sunflower towels and place mats great? My sister made them for me years ago, to go with my kitchen at the time. They don't really "go" with this kitchen, but I still like them too much to get rid of them!)

And bowls and glass storage containers.

And all my baking pans.

And baking dishes.

And... okay, fine, I'll stop.

The bank beside the stove is huge - at 37" long, it stores my pots and pans, and the top drawer has all my cooking utensils.
The two smaller banks that flank the sink store things like cutting boards, and utensils, and my plates-that-are-too-big-to-fit-in-the-upper-cabinet (sigh) and tinfoil/baggies/parchment paper/other things and a bunch of other things like that.

I also have the standard issue upper cabinets, but there is nothing special about them!

Of course, a new kitchen needs new appliances....

Leading up to Christmas, I plan on posting about my new kitchen. This is (obviously) not happening in real time - renos are MUCH slower than that! And yes, I do know the 12 Days of Christmas actually start on December 25. Deal. :)

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