On the Second Day of Christmas...

... I got installed cabinets!

Well, sort of. This was after day one of the installation - an almost completed kitchen! A bit of a difference from this, no?

I know it's hard to see in these pictures, but I wanted to point out why custom sized cabinets was such a big deal for me. The cabinets on either side of the window? Sized so they are both the same distance away from the window. The two cabinets to the right of the (eventual) dishwasher? Both are the same width, which makes them look a bit better - going with stock cabinets would have resulted in a lot of wasted space there. The drawers on either side of the stove are obviously different widths - but the stove is centred on that wall, and the upper cabinets are symmetrical. And any one who knows me well will tell you - I don't like unsymmetrical ;)

And the cabinet to the left of the window? Custom built to hide the electrical panel behind the right hand door, with a usable portion behind the left hand door.

Last, but not least - the pantries surrounding the fridge were custom sized to be both equal (again with the symmetry!), and make that section end at the same point as the cabinets on the opposite wall. A little detail, but a nice one!

Of course, some small details were left to do after day one - like the toe kicks, and handles, and mouldings. What did it look like after that? Find out tomorrow!

Leading up to Christmas, I plan on posting about my new kitchen. This is (obviously) not happening in real time - renos are MUCH slower than that! And yes, I do know the 12 Days of Christmas actually start on December 25. Deal. :) 

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