Bacon makes everything better.... even drywall.

Take a couple or four slices of bacon, and cook them in your cast iron skillet until they are done to your taste.  Remove them, and add a chopped up onion or two.  Cook until soft, then add cut-up left over roasted potatoes (from the roasted potatoes, carrots and sausage you made early in the week - yum!) and cook, stirring occasionally, until the potatoes get nice crispy bits on them.  While they are cooking, chop up the bacon into large bits.  Add the bits to the potatoes, stir, then remove from the skillet.  Beat some eggs, and scramble (since you don't think a new skillet and your sucky fried egg skills make a good combination).  Dish out, serve with Mom's home-made chili sauce, and ENJOY!

A quick, easy supper, since I've been doing the drywall seams in the bathroom... and even after the third coat, I can't tell whether I like it or hate it (doing the seams, not the bathroom!) 

First coat (done by Dad - thanks!!)

 Third coat - second and third and all sanding done by me :)
(Please note - the bottom half of the wall will be covered by bead-board, so there is only one coat on the seams.)

It is frustrating, but only because it's a new skill for me.   And it's time consuming, and messy!  So, I think I'll get a quote from a guy that does this on the side, and if it's reasonable, then I'll let him deal with it.  But it's good to know it is something I can do if I needed to!

And hey - we have a new wall!!  This will close in around the furnace, and create a laundry area across from the furnace, and in between is the new hall that will lead to the main bathroom. 

It's getting there....

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