How high is too high?

So, I got home from work yesterday, and painted the bathroom....


Yeah.  You might have seen the unpainted corner in previous pictures.  I left it unpainted, because that's where the shower stall is going. 

Apparently, one needs to prime before attaching the wall panels.  Who knew? 

And yes, it would have been so much easier to prime that area when I was priming the rest of the bathroom (grumble, grumble grumble).  So let this be a lesson to you - always prime behind your shower :)

 Look!  Primed walls!! (grumble, grumble grumble)

And I had one of those special moments in the hardware store yesterday...

I needed to buy adhesive to attach the shower panels to the wall.  My first mistake was asking for help, instead of trying to find it myself.  I told the dude I was installing a shower stall, and needed adhesive for the wall panels.

"You mean a tub surround"

No, there is no tub.  It's just a shower stall, 2 walls plus a corner.

"So, a tub surround"

  Sure, let's go with that.

"How much do you need?"

Well, it's just two walls and a corner...

(With a very concerned look on his face, and in a very soft tone of voice) "Most tub surrounds are three walls..."

I'll take two, and return the second if I don't need it.

Back at the house... fixtures!  Mind you, they aren't actually hooked up yet, but still!!!

 There is that "bad" part of the flooring - the last area I tiled, where they didn't match up exactly right.  I'm glad it's behind the toilet, and really isn't that obvious :)

 And note about the bead-board.  Most "experts" say the panelling should be 1/3 or 2/3 the height of the wall, and never half.  The upstairs room are all around 93", so 1/3 would be around 31", 2/3 around 62", and 1/2 around 46".  I think 2/3 is too high, but 1/3 wouldn't work at all - I wanted the bead-board to be higher than the sink...

... but didn't want the outlet (and light switch on the other wall) to get in the way.  So, it had to be higher than the sink, and higher than the outlets... which put it right to the centre seam of the drywall.  If it was higher than that seam, then I wouldn't have to do that seam...

So, I had Dad cut the panels in half (to 4'), and mounted them at 50.5" high (the baseboard will hide the gap at the bottom).  Once the trim at the top is on, the entire height should be around 52" - not 1/3, not 1/2, not 2/3, but a height that works for the room, and for me :)

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