Resolutions 3.0

So, what do I want to accomplish in 2011?

Well, everything :)

What?  To general??  Fine...

First, the house:

1. Finish the upstairs bathroom.  Now that the floor is done, the rest can get going!

A. Finish the plumbing.
B. Tape and mud the drywall.  I'm going to do this myself, to see it it joins my "can do" list, or my "gladly pay someone else to do" list :)
C. Pick a paint colour, and paint!  I LOVE painting, so this is a fun task.
D. Cut, paint, and install the beadboard.
E. Install the shower, sink and toilet.
F. Install the towel rods, etc.

Timing:  January 31.

2.  Insulate the attic.   I've called around to get quotes, which are still coming in.  Considering all the money that is escaping in the form of heat through the attic, this is a priority!

A. Finish getting quotes, including calling back those companies where I left a message.
B. Pick a company, and book a date.
C. Get 'er done :)

Timing:  January 31.
3. Finish the tear out, insulation and drywalling.  I applied for a government grant to assist in updating the energy efficiency of houses, and the deadline is March 31, 2011.  You have to have your post-assessment completed by that time, and since it is a common deadline for everyone (as they are ending the program), the assessors are going to be busy, busy, busy.  This is complicated by the fact that Dad is going in for surgery in the middle of February (minor hernia, nothing too major, thankfully!)

A. Book the assessment ASAP, but make it for as close to March 31 as possible.
B.  Finish the downstairs tear out, including the bathroom.
C. Erect new walls for the bathroom and laundry areas.
D. Insulate and drywall all exterior walls and ceilings.

Timing:  March 31. 

4. Get the old water heater removed, and the new, on-demand system installed.  In addition to being more efficient, the new on-demand systems are INCREDIBLY smaller, and are wall-mounted, and for me, the cost of a new system is worth freeing up that much floor space.  The new system will eventually pay for itself as well, saving me $15 a month in rental fees plus the difference in natural gas used.

A. Call the company I "rent" the current heater from, and figure out the process of getting it disconnected and removed.
B. Finish the new laundry area, since this is where the new heater is going.
C. Book the installation of the new heater.

Timing:  March 31 (this is part of the grant as well).
5. Fence the yard.  The poor dogs have been on tie-outs long enough, and I spent a scandalous amount of money last year getting the yard surveyed so I could get a fence.  So, I need to actually get the fence.  Of course, it has to wait for the ground to thaw, but I can call around for quotes before then.

A. Figure out where it is going.
B. Get rid of the ugly storage container that is right where the fence will go.
C. Call for quotes.
D. Pick a company.
E. Get the fence installed.

Timing:  April 30.

6.  The kitchen.  Oh, the kitchen.  I cannot adequately state how much I despise my current kitchen.  There is no room for anything - no room for food, for equipment, for prep work, or for clean-up.  It sucks.  I've lived with it long enough, and the time has come to replace it!  I have already contacted a number of companies, and have decided on which I'll be dealing with (and that is a separate post to come), but there are still things to figure out, of course!  And appliances - while my current ones are working and functional, I do want new ones eventually.  A new gas stove is first on the list, along with an over-the-stove microwave/fan combination.  Also on the list is a dishwasher, and eventually a new fridge, washer and dryer.  I'm lucky though, since I live close to an "auction" place that gets a lot of "damaged" appliances (damaged as in "scratch and dent", not non-functioning), that they sell for incredibly reduced prices, and can wait for what I want to come along.

A. Finalize the plan.
B. Tear out the current kitchen and the wall between the kitchen and dining room.
C. Take out the current window, and out in the new one.
D. Finish all drywall, including taping and mudding.
E. Paint.
F. Figure out the floor.
G. Get new gas lines installed for the new gas stove.
H. Get the electrical and plumbing done.
I. Research what I want in new appliances, and start going to the auction house on a regular basis.
J. Get the new kitchen installed!!

Timing:  September 30.

7.  The downstairs bathroom.  It will be completely gutted, and all new fixtures installed.  I already have the toilet, vanity and mirror, but need to buy a sink and counter top and bathtub.  As well as flooring, lighting, and "bling" - the towel rods, etc.

A. Gut the old room.
B. Plumbing, electrical, drywall.
C. Buy counter top and sink.
D. Buy lighting.
E. Buy towel rods, etc..
F.  Buy and install the floor.
G. Pick a paint colour, and paint.
H. Buy a tub - I want a soaker tub, so this is going to be a major purchase.
I. Install everything :)

Timing:  September 30.

8.  The living room, stairway, hallway, and bedrooms.  The worst part, for me, is picking out paint colours :)

A. Finish, tape and mud the drywall.
B. Pick out paint colours.
C. Paint.

Timing:  September 30.

9.  The house exterior.   I need to get the house re-sided, and new eavestrough. 

A. Get quotes.  Ugh.
B. Get it done.

Timing:  Before winter (is that vague enough?).

10.  Odds and sods.  All the left-over things, like grout sealing, trim work, touch-up paint, living room and bedroom furniture, switch plates, etc. 

Timing:  By this time next year!

Second, the yard:

1. Expand the vegetable garden.  This has to wait until after the yard is fenced.

A. Plan, plan, plan, and then plan.
B. Buy the wood, and build the beds.
C. Get more dirt!
D. Buy and plant the perennials - rhubarb, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries and currents to start...

Timing:  Spring.

2. Do a better job with the vegetables this year.

A. Create a calendar for seed starting and planting.
C. Do better at harvesting, preserving and eating what I grow!
D. Actually keep a garden journal this year!

Timing:  On going.
3. Plan the hardscaping for the yard.  I need to improve the driveway, install a walkway along side the house, and put in a patio.  I'm not sure if it's the budget this year, but I can plan, at least!

A. Plan the specifics, including dimensions and materials.
B. Get quotes.

Timing:  December.
4. Plan the flower gardens.  I won't do any planting until the siding and hardscaping is done, but again, I can plan!

A. Plan. plan, plan.
B. Start a list of all the plants I want to include in the gardens.
C. Scope out gardens of family and friends, for plants I can steal (okay, take divisions/cuttings from!)
D. Possibly create a "temporary" bed, so I can take advantage of fall sales on perennials.  
E. Talk to Town Hall about planting at the front of the property, which is actually town land.

Timing:  December.

Third, me and the dogs:

1. The dogs.  Seriously, they are getting shafted, mainly due to the renovations, but that has GOT to stop being an excuse.  They, other than human family and friends, are the most important things in my life - more important than my job, my house, and my yard.  And I have to start treating them according to their importance to me.

A. Daily walks.  Short of a broken back/hip/leg/ankle/foot, no excuses.
B. More training.  In all honesty, I won't have time for agility again this year, but I can do an obedience refresher course with Kip, and another one with Katy.
C. Daily "trick" training.  I have been doing this (and have taught Katy "Over"!), but I need to keep it up, and to add more "tricks", and to get away from the treats!!
D. Nails.  Oh, how I hate doing nails.  Which explains the state of them!  So, from now on, weekly nail trimming sessions.  And I may as well add weekly brushing while I'm at it!
E.  Teeths!  Every time we go to the vets, the one issue she has is their teeth.  They aren't in bad shape... yet.  And I need to start cleaning them, in order to keep them that way.  The vet recommend daily cleaning, and I will try for that, but if I manage three times a week, I'll be happy.

Timing:  Ongoing.

2. The job.  I really need a new one.  'Nuff said.

A. Update my resume.
B. Keep checking job postings.

Timing:  Ongoing.
3. The food.  This links into the whole garden resolution, but goes beyond that.

A. STOP EATING OUT.  I eat out WAY too much - almost every lunch while working (and again, there are reasons for that, but it needs to stop), and way too many suppers as well.  So, it stops now.  Exceptions?  The occasional meal out with family and friends, and a "Get out of Jail Free" once a month meal, either lunch or supper.
B. Research sustainable sources for meat, dairy, and anything I can't produce myself.
C. At least once a month, find an alternative to a processed food I currently purchase.  And blog about it!
D. Do better at menu planning, bulk cooking and eating what I have in the house.  I will do a weekly or monthly menu plan (and post it!), and at least one minor meal a week, and a major meal a month, will be a "freebie" in that it will come from food I already have.

Timing:  Ongoing.
4. The budget. Oh yeah.  The budget.  I need one :)

Timing:  Ongoing.

5. The $500 Challenge.  More details in another post ;) This involves shopping with someone else's money, and so should be fun!

Timing:  Ongoing.

Oh, holy wow.  What a list!!  Seeing it written down is... hysteria-inducing.  I also vow to keep better track this year, and am planning on making this post a "Page", and to keep it updated, to see that I am making progress!

So, what are YOUR plans for the new year?

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