Main floor plans

I realized, with all this talk about moving doors and windows and new walls, I haven't provided any floor plans!  These should help!

As always, click to embiggen, all measurements are estimates (each square is 12"), and I have the right to change my mind at any time :)
Current layout

Note the incredible amount of wasted space in the kitchen, "laundry" room and bathroom, and the insane lack of usable space in the kitchen!

Planned Layout

The wall is coming down in between the dining room and kitchen, and the doorway in the kitchen to the living room is getting removed.  This allows for a more efficient use of space, IMO.  The "buffet" cabinets in the dining room are actually kitchen cabinets, but a bit lower than regular cabinets, and will act as both a buffet and more storage space.   I could have gone with regular height cabinets there, but didn't want that wide of an expanse of counter top - this way, it's broken up into two distinct sections.

The back door has been moved already, and the window that is now in the kitchen will go beside the door, to be replaced by the window that used to be beside the door.

Confused yet?

The current kitchen window is tall and narrow - too tall for any cabinets to go under it, while the other window is shorter and longer.  Hence the trade.  The small window about the dryer was removed (to make a spot for the electrical panel), and will find a new home in the new laundry area.

One thing I forgot in both plans - the hot water heater!  It is currently located across the room from the furnace, near the back door.   It will be removed, and replaced by an on-demand system to be located in the new laundry area.

Now, of course, this plan will change a dozen times before I actually get my new kitchen :)

Actually, it may change sooner rather than later, since I'm not sure moving the electrical panel is doable (for many reasons, my go-to electrical guy is just now telling me... sigh), and I'm actually re-thinking getting a dishwasher - GASP!  But the major renovations (windows, walls and doors) will remain the same - only the details will change!!


  1. It took me a bit to realize that the picture doesn't include your livingroom. I thought the bottom left quarter was your livingroom. Your house is large. I really like your new layout. It's much more efficient.

    Is it that shocking not to have a dishwasher? LOL I don't even have a blender.

  2. Oh, yeah, sorry about the lack of the living room. It's long and narrow and totally boring (as in no changes in walls or doors or windows), so it's not on the plans ;)

    The total house (both floors) is ~1300 sq. ft. Now, that total is from the real estate ad, and even though I've lived here over two years, and measured each and every room numerous times, I've never actually totalled the true area. It's on the to-do list...

    As for the dishwasher - considering I'm single, have no children, and live only with two dogs who only generate one dirty water bowl between the two of them, I don't really *need* a dishwasher. But oh, how I HATE doing dishes. I have no idea why, but I cannot stand that chore. I'd rather shovel snow, mow the lawn, even clean the bathroom... And don't even get me started on drying silverware!!! (Okay, yes, I know most sane people do not have these issues).

    I think it's a family thing - I have a brother who cannot stand to dry wooden spoons - the feel of cloth on wood gets to him for some reason :)



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