Plumbing is the biggest time suck...

... actually, plumbing just sucks.  Period.

Poor Dad.

He's been working on the upstairs plumbing for what seems like ages already, and hit a major snag today.  See the pretty sink with the pretty pretty taps?
The taps that it took us literally hours yesterday to assemble?  Yes, those taps.  They took up so much time (plumbing = time suck, really), that Dad didn't get them actually hooked up yesterday, so he came back today to finish them off.  Small problem...

On Off

Off On

Besides the fact the one little thingy is missing from the tap, they are actually in the wrong position.  "Off" and "on" have been swapped, and although Dad tried to convince me otherwise, I really don't think they'll work this way.

Which means the ENTIRE sink has to be disassembled to fix it.

Even dog therapy doesn't fix a day like today.  I did buy him really good chocolate, so hopefully that will help :)

At least the toilet is happy.  No really, it's very happy, see?

It is a pretty toilet...
 ...with a pretty pretty handle.  And, AFAIK, it works fines. (Here's hoping it's not hooked up to the hot water by mistake)

And look what came to live with me today!!

Let me introduce my new hot water heater.  It also isn't hooked up yet.  Which seems to be the trend with plumbing in this house...


  1. My new toilets came with the same happy faces! Mine are Toto.

    We're reno'ing too but I'm so bored of it & not putting up many pix of the renos anymore.

    Cute dogs!

    Here from Scienceblogs Casaubon's book.... added you to my reader.

  2. Thanks Hornblower! I know what you mean about the reno's - I have a break coming up, and cannot wait for it!

    And I think the dogs are cute too :)

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog - and other's from CB!



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