In the pink.

My attic is now pink.

From wall to wall, as far as the eye can see... pink.

And I am so happy!  This is the first time since I bought the house that it is adequately insulated.  The crawl space is insulated, the vast majority of the wall space is insulated (and what is left to do actually has old batt insulation, which will do for now), and finally, the attic is insulated!!  I went with blown-in fibreglass, for ease of installation and R-value: 18" has given me an R-value of 50, which is better than the previous scant foot that was there before we pulled the ceilings down!

Dad cobbled together this box for the attic access hole, and insulated it with some "scrap" insulation, kept in place with the old rope bits from the sash weights we found in the walls, left when all the original windows were replaced.  I've been wondering what to do with all those weights, but this isn't the first, nor the last, time the rope has come in handy!

The only problem with the access  hole - it's not perfectly square.  So, putting the box into the hole was... challenging :)

 This way...
 Maybe this way...
 Third time's the charm?

That dark strip of wood?  And the parts that go into the attic to form the "walls" around the access hole?  Scrap wood from my old, built-by-me bedroom furniture.  Best $200 I've ever spent, I think - that gave me a headboard, two bedside floating shelves, and a surround for my old TV, and most of the wood has now been re-used in this house.  I love recycling :)

And I cannot wait to see what my gas bills will be now!


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