It's getting there...

 After the primer coat...
 Starting the paint- woot!

 And after one coat - I really think I like this colour!!

It's Benjamin Moore #2047-60 Ocean Spray, for those of you interested in the real colour.  The second coat goes on in a few hours, then tomorrow, according to plan, the bead-board gets installed, and gets a second coat of white (Benjamin Moore # 869 Oxford White).  Then the shower, sink and toilet can go in :)

I think I'm going to start a betting pool, on how long I can go without getting a paint covered dog...


  1. Love love love the color you chose and the handsome pooch!

  2. Thanks Amy! I love "fresh" colours like this, and I think it works well in the space.

    As for the pooch - well, I'm trying to teach them both the difference between "help" and "hindrance" :)

  3. Oh, with all that cuteness, how can he possibly be a hindrance?

  4. Liz, she may be cute, but she's the "bad" dog - the one who gets into the garbage, who eats kleenex, the one who sits on tape measures when you're trying to measure the floor... it's a darn good thing she is so cute!! :)



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