Double fail.

As hard as I find it to make the "finished" picture in my head a reality when it comes to decorating, I find it about a million times worse to pick out paint colours.

Hence the Mint Green Bathroom of Doom in one apartment (and yes, this is why most landlords do not let tenants paint.  Sorry about ruining it for the rest of you.)

I need to pick out a paint colour for the upstairs bath, since the rest of the renos are pretty much on hold until that bathroom gets finished, and the bathroom can't get finished until I paint.*

I want a pale aqua for the walls, and white on the bead-board and all the trim.  The perfect colour of aqua, that I know is out there, and it somewhat in style right now.

A pale aqua.

Not too green, not too blue, not too light, not to dark, not too grey.

(Goldilocks ain't got nuttin' on me when it comes to being picky.)

I've been to paint stores.

I have dozens of paint chips.

I still can't decide.  So, I decided to go shopping, to look for something, anything, in the colour that is in my head, to make it easier to pick out a paint chip.

I went to three stores today after work, and finally - the PERFECT shade.  And, in a hand-towel!  (Can you say "Accessory"?).

I come home, and as is my habit, get out of my work clothes and into my "jammies"**.  I take off my shirt, and look at it.  Guess what colour it is?  No, really, go ahead and guess...

Then I come on here, and look at the main colour of the blog...

Double fail.

I still don't know exactly which colour I'll end up going with, but at least I've narrowed it down.  But really - look at the minuscule differences between all those paint chips - no wonder why it's hard!

Those are Benjamin Moore paint chips, in case anyone wants to help me pick out the perfect shade :)

* in all actuality, the bathroom can get finished before painting, but it would mean taking a lot of it apart again to paint, so it's a LOT easier to paint before installing the shower, toilet and sink.

** A sweatshirt over flannel pyjama bottoms.  No, I do not leave the house dressed like this, except to take out the garbage.

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