Guess what I did?

Yep! I started my freezer stash of veggie odds and ends for stock making. Yea me! :)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I should have been doing this years ago, and I should come up with a system other than a plastic ziplock bag. But, hey, baby steps...

The above is the trimmings from some onions and celery I used for a beef stroganoff-type stew I made this week. I only used the inner peels from the onion, since the outer looked like this:

A lot of onions will have mold on the outer peels. It's most often a smut-type fungus (yes, it's really called smut. Try explaining to your IT guys why you are googling smut - fun times!), and isn't a big issue, but I still don't want it in my stock.

I don't have a lot of meals planned for the next while that use fresh ingredients (trying to use up some of my stores), so the bag won't get filled soon, but once the growing season starts...


  1. Yay! Currently we have four bags in the freezer, each with their own contents: beef bones, ham/pork bones, chicken bones, and veggies. We've just about gotten our friends who visit regularly trained to keep their bones for the freezer.

  2. Wow - I need some better friends ;) And what a good idea for bones - I haven't ever saved bones from smaller meals, tending only to make stock when I roast a chicken or beef roast. Must change that - thanks!



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