The most important thing to remember...

... when buying living room furniture?

Make sure it's low enough to the ground that tennis balls won't fit underneath.

Do you have any idea how much time this is going to save me??? Genius!

Oh, and please ignore the crappy green carpet.  One of these day, it will go to live at the dump... one of theses days...


  1. In our house it's cat toys (and anything that will move when batted with a paw qualifies as a cat toy). I have to make the rounds with a yardstick every few weeks and retrieve toys, bits of paper, bottle caps, coins,a walnut (Really?) from under the furniture.

  2. My dad does the same for his cat! I once lived with a cat who very systematically removed leaves from a ficus tree, and hid them under a chair until they were dry - then brought them out to play with. When we moved the chair, there was an entire nest of them!

    Crazy animals :)



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