Monday Morning Music - February 13, 2012

A new weekly post, featuring a song that has had some influence on me in the past week.

Dad was over on Friday, working on the house. And as usual, I had the computer on, playing music.

A quick aside: I can't determine if it's really cool or really sad that Dad and I listen to a lot of the same music.

Carrying on...

A Sam Cooke song was playing, which reminded Dad of a song with the line "scared of dying" in it. He couldn't remember the song or the singer, of course. I thought I knew the song he was talking about, but I couldn't remember the song or the singer, of course. This is another thing we have in common. After some humming and thinking, he realized the song he was thinking of was from the musical "Show Boat", and after a quick computer search, we realized it was "Ol' Man River".

But that wasn't the song I was thinking of. And for the life of me, I could not remember the song or any of the lyrics - just snatches of the tune and the certainty it had a line something like "afraid of dying".

I thought. And googled. And thought. And googled some more. Dad left, with a parting smirk about how long it would take me to remember. Nice guy ;)

Finally, I gave up - after spending way more than an hour searching and listening to snatches of songs. Yeah, I really do need to get a life...

I made supper, ate, cleaned up and decided to grab a book and have a nice, long, hot bath. Baths are perfect for allowing your mind to rest, I've found. And sure enough, once I stopped thinking about it, a lyric floated into my head.

"I can swear there ain't no heaven, and I pray there ain't no hell".

After a quick google search, I had the song. So, I give you Blood, Sweat and Tears with "And When I Die" - a song that took up way too much of my time this week ;)

Oh, and of course I told Dad right away. He and Mom were visiting some friends that night, so it's a good thing their phone number was easy to find...*

And proving that karma is truly a bitch, after mocking me and my frustration in not being able to remember the song, Dad had "Ol' Man River" stuck in his head all night. Ha!

*Yes, I really did call them at their friends' house. This couple has known our family for ages, and I knew they'd find the entire thing amusing. Besides, Mr. Friend really likes music (so much, he still has vinyl and two turntables!), so I knew he'd really understand!

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