One complication about growing your own food is eating what you grow. So I always have an eye open for new recipes that use items from the garden. Like cabbage. Now, I like cabbage, especially as cole slaw, but when I realized I can end up with 36 cabbages from this year's garden, I realized I really do need to figure out some other way to eat it ;)

Of course, there is braised cabbage, and the always popular cabbage rolls. But when I came across a mention of the Irish dish colcannon, I knew I had found a winner - cheap, uses ingredients from the garden, and no harder to make than mashed potatoes.

There are a ton of different recipes on the web, and after perusing a few, I decided to wing it. Surprised?

I started off by cooking some chopped onions until nice and brown. At the same time, I put the taters on to boil. When done, I drained them, reserving the water. I then cooked the chopped cabbage in the potato water whilst I was mashing the potatoes, with butter, a bit of milk, salt, pepper and the onions. When the cabbage was cooked to my liking (cooked but still with a bit of crispness), I drained it, and added it to the mashed potatoes. I stirred everything together, adjusted the seasoning, then served, topped with some dehydrated garden chives.

I also rescued some stewing beef from death-by-freezer-burn, browned it, then simmered it in a "au jus" made from a packet (bad, I know, but it was hanging around the house, so I had to use it!). I also browned more onions to add to the beef. Of course, this would be perfect to make with leftover roast beef. Next time :)

Verdict? I like it, I really really like it!  I think this is a great way to "hide" cabbage while perking up mashed potatoes. And you can add so many other things - leeks, bacon (!!), carrots, etc. One recipe also showed that this can be made into patties and fried - I'm wondering how good that would be for breakfast with fried eggs?

This is definitely one "recipe" that is going into my collection!


  1. Yum! I love making green mashed potatoes with various veggies we have on hand. Leeks are a popular one. So is celery. It's always a nice surprise to company when we dress up "regular" mashed potatoes this way.

    1. Sounds good! Oddly enough, other than onions and roasted garlic, I've never thought to add anything to mashed potatoes before. But now, just try to stop me :)



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