Independence Days Challenge - Week 8

1. Plant Something.

Tomato and pepper seeds. Nothing outside this week - it's either been too cold or too wet or both :( Then again, it IS still March!

2. Harvest Something.

The first harvest of chives and the tops from my walking onions. Yes, I know it's March, and that is insane. I should have harvested the largest of the asparagus as well (even though it was still small) since the biggest spears didn't survive the cold weather, despite the straw mulch :(

So pretty...

...but the straw mulch didn't work :(
 3. Preserve Something.

Dehydrated the chives and walking onion tops - and wow, quick! I'm used to drying fruit that takes forever - the 3-4 hours that these took seemed like nothing!

Walking onions and chives!

4. Waste Not.

More veggies scraps and some bones in the freezer, for eventual stock making.

5. Want Not.

 Some good sales on this week, so I stocked up on butter, sugar and oatmeal.

6. Eat the Food. 

 Just normal eating, mostly from the stash.

7. Build Community Food Systems.

Went to a workshop at Linda's farm - it was a great time, and nice to see so many people interested in growing their own food! Tiffany from Eating Niagara was there, and you can read more about the event on her blog. It was a good event for me, because it was the reminder I needed that most people don't have a background in this sort of thing (either through their childhood, education or training), and that we really do need to start from square one when talking about sustainable food systems - let's figure out how to get everyone planting seeds first, before we talk about crop breeding and seed saving.

8. Skill Up.

Other than the colcannon, I made Irish soda bread and home-made mac and cheese for the first time ever.  Yay!!

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