Monday Morning Music - March 12, 2012

A weekly post, featuring a song that has had some influence on me in the past week.

I've spent a lot of the past week working on the living room drywall (yeah!!), along with Dad and a few other insane nice family members who volunteered their help.

On Saturday, it was Dad, my sister and me. And of course, we had music playing. We spent a lot of time discussing who was singing (the family past-time!), and which of us liked or didn't like that particular singer (Dad doesn't like Frank Sinatra or the Beetles, sis hates Bruce Springsteen, I can't stand Rod Sounds-Like-a-Girl Stewart). But we all agreed that this song rocks!!


"Mustang Sally", by Wilson Pickett


  1. Too funny- all my musician friends have a No Mustang Sally policy when they host jam nights because they've had to play it too many times- it's been a popular song since the Commitments movie.

    1. That is funny - and I can see how they would VERY quickly get sick of it!



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