Gardening in March

While cleaning up the garden beds, and planting some early crops last week, I took a gander at the herb bed, and couldn't believe my eyes. What an insanely warm winter we've had! Of course, they are calling for freezing temperatures this week, so I hope everything fares well :(

Lemon Balm

Walking onions and chives
Salad burnet
I also found a volunteer wild strawberry in a pot I used for cayenne peppers last year - I'll let it grow for a while, and see what happens!

Last year, I planted three aerial bulb thingies from the walking onions, and they grew and grew and grew. So, I separated the growing bulbs are planted each one separately: about 24 new walking onion plants, all from one original plant (that could also do with dividing!)

As much as I loved the hot weather last week, it's NOT normal. I just hope the rest of the season is not as abnormal as this past winter...

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