Curtain call...

I've mentioned a couple of times that we've been hard at work on the living room drywall. And after drywall, comes paint.

Which leads me to my Achilles heel - picking out paint colours.

Of course, all the advice tells you to pick out your colours based on the fabric choices for your room.


That means I have to actually pick out fabrics for the living room, dining room and kitchen curtains (and throw pillows and dining room chair seats). The rooms, although separate (well, the dining area and kitchen are one big room), are close enough that I want colours to "go" - not match, specifically, but they have to at least get along. And of course, the only other coloured thing in the area is the living room chair.

Oddly enough, given my inability to pick out paint colours, I tend to have fabric store karma*. This time, I walked into the store, and fell in love with one of the fabrics on display. But I could not find it anywhere. I asked one clerk for help, and although she thought they still had some, she couldn't find it either. She asked another clerk who confirmed it was all gone, but it can be re-ordered.

The best part? She sold me the display swag, ~ 3 meters (~ 3 yards), for only $15. This fabric normally sells for over $25 a meter. Unfortunately, it's not quite enough to do the two windows in the kitchen, so I'll have to ask them to order me in another meter or three, but I still saved a lot of money!

Now, I know this isn't to everyone's taste, but I love it - and, the background cream colour and the greens match the chair PERFECTLY!

See? And only $15!!

As much as I love this fabric, I don't want it for the chairs in the dining room, but I have a lot of colours I can pull out of this fabric to help me pick out that one - maybe a dark blue solid?

And I also think I've settled on the choices for the living room: 

The sample on the right is a cream-coloured semi-sheer that I might use for the curtains, while the one on the left is the perfect colour and pattern for the throw cushions on the couch and love seat.

Fabric karma for the win!

*The best, by far, was the time a friend and I decorated another friend's nursery as a baby gift. We started with the paint colours (bad plan!) since I had this idea in my head, and then had to find fabric for the curtains. The colours were white, pale blue and a pale pear green - not typical baby colours, but lovely together - and almost impossible to find in fabrics. However, while rummaging in the remnant bin, the friend found the PERFECT fabric - a nice plaid with all the colours in it. Perfect match, and *just* enough to make the curtains. Of course, my melting** part of the %*^&# stuff while ironing it didn't help, but I was able to hide that part in the hem. Fabric karma, I tell you! :)

**yes, it melted. Ruined my iron :(

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