Things I don't buy: pasta sauce

I don't buy pasta sauce, and haven't for years. I started making my own pasta sauce back in university, when I realized it was cheaper to buy a can of tomatoes and make my own - and now that I grow those tomatoes myself, it's even cheaper.

Pasta sauce with home-grown tomatoes and home-made sausage
And there are so many pasta sauces, and all of them are so easy to make. Quick sauces, as simple as heating up some pureed tomatoes and tossing in some herbs and spices. Longer cooking sauces, with meat to give them a bit more heft and flavour. The simplest sauce of all: toss cooked pasta with some good quality olive oil, your favourite herbs, a shake or three of hot pepper flakes, and top with freshly grated Parmesan - a great tasting dish, ready within minutes. Roasted tomato sauce - a new one for me this past year, and one that will feature heavily this coming tomato season! And for those decadent types: home-made Alfredo sauce - SO good!

Even better: now that I have my pressure canner, I can make sauces in large batches and preserve them - and what can be better on those busy days than coming home and opening up a jar of summer for supper?

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