M is for...

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... music.

But probably not in the way you think.

I am not musically gifted.  In fact, the music teacher in grade 7-8 once told me to stop singing in choir practise - that's how bad I am at carrying a tune.

I do like listening to music, however, and grew up listening to Dad's favourite genre - rock from the 50's and 60's, mostly.

This led to a game we play called "Who Sings This?".  It's pretty self-explanatory, and there are no rules, beyond one person having to guess the singer, and if they can't, the asker comes up with hints and/or initials.

Fun times.

No, really - it is fun!  Pretty much anytime we were in the car with the radio on, someone would shout out "Who Sings This?", and it was game on.  And the rumours that we still do this, to this day, may, or may not, be true.  :)

It lasted throughout our childhoods, and we naturally infected the next generation with the bug, with some modifications brought on by technology.

Like those music channels you get on TV now, which provide the name of the singer.  Of course, the askee can't look...

... which is why you'll often find a pack of us sitting in the living room, NOT looking at the TV.

This indoctrination has also had one other side-affect, which has afflicted more than one family member.

That's called "There is a Song For Every Occasion".

The maintenance guys at work are talking about the air filters on the roof?  "Up on the Roof*", naturally.

Someone complaining about their job?  Oh, so many, from "Take this Job and Shove It**" to "It's a Five O'clock World***

Really, there is a song for EVERY occasion.  So be warned, if you ever meet me (or a family member) we may spontaneously break into song (out of tune, in my case) for no apparent reason.  And it tends to be infectious, leading to more than one person complaining about having that song stuck in their head for the rest of the day.  And since my music knowledge is firmly rooted in the era before my birth, with a good smattering in 80's one-hit wonders thrown in for good measure, people are often amazed I know the lyrics to so many obscure songs.  Especially since I can't remember where I put my keys...

Unfortunately, there is no known cure.

But really, having your Dad know who sings "True Colors****"?   Priceless :)

* The Drifters, in case you are playing "Who Sings That?'
**Johnny Paycheck
***The Vogues
****Cyndi Lauper

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