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Last time I counted, I owned over 500 books.  The vast majority of those I've read more than once, although I do own a few that I have yet to read even once (War and Peace comes to mind...).

I almost always have more than one book on the go (and no, I don't have a problem keeping them straight).  I have books in both bathrooms, beside my bed, and in the living room.  If I know I'm going to be doing something that consists of a lot of waiting (airplane travel, doctor's offices, etc.), I try to remember to take a book. 

If I forget?  I'll read anything that's there.  Books, magazines, advertisements - and yes, even those informational pamphlets in the doctor's office that have been there since 1986, and that no one else ever reads.

I even read instruction manuals.

And the worst thing about owning so many books?  Moving.

What's your B?


  1. I just started participating in this today with "A". I definitely relate to your "B" and though I do not scatter my books around the house I do read daily from 4 or 5 difference sources.

  2. Hi Susan - thanks for commenting!

    Yes, scattering the books is a bit of a bad habit, but it does help that I'm single, and the dogs don't seem to mind :) I hope you are enjoying the challenge!



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