L is for...

... laughter.

Similar to joy, I find laughter to be a vital part of my life.  

I laugh daily - many times throughout the day. 

At someone's blog post over morning coffee, while IM chatting with a friend, while visiting with a family member, while watching TV, while reading a book.

And at the dogs, of course. Always at the dogs.

In fact, they can make me laugh the hardest. 

A good example was the other night.  I was reading* in bed (a nightly occurrence), and laughing so hard I was crying (seriously?  He got into the coffin?  Bwahahahahahahaaa!!!!).  Kip was laying there, wagging his tail, but Katy was somewhat concerned.

She showed her concern by creeping closer.  And closer.  And closer.  Until I was trying to read through tears, with a schnauzer nose in my eye.

Which, of course, made me laugh even harder.

A life without laughter is a life not worth living.  Also, a life without dogs is a life not worth living.  I'm sure those two things are not mutually exclusive :)

* Extreme Vinyl Cafe, by Stuart McLean.  The Vinyl Cafe stories often have me crying with laughter, but have left others completely unmoved.  I think you have to be a CBC listener, specifically of the Vinyl Cafe, since then you have Mr. McLean's voice in your head, reading the stories to you as you look at the words on the page.  Or it could be that I just have an odd sense of humour.  And voices in my head.  :)

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