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"Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts"

That quote, attributed to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, sums up what my K stands for.  I completely respect those whose opinions differ from mine, as long as those opinions are backed up by facts.  I have no issue with those that have looked at the same information, and drawn a different conclusion.

What I have issues with are those that are simply too lazy to learn enough about a topic to have an informed opinion.

There are somethings that are purely opinion (I hate grey cars), and those that are based on fact (vaccinations save lives).  I'm amazed by the number of people who seem to be content to have their opinions formed by others, even when those opinions should be based on facts.

And it saddens me that they can't even see the problem with their lack of knowledge.  This is similar to my "I" post, in that this ignorance, this lack of knowledge, is somehow acceptable, and even praiseworthy.

 It also worries me when education is valued only as a route to a job, rather than a goal in and of itself.  I have lost count of the number of times I have heard or read that university is worthless, because it didn't lead to a job with a six-figure salary.  I know there is a link between employment and education, and salary and education, and I realize there are some jobs where one needs a specific education (engineering, for example), but the pursuit of knowledge shouldn't be so focused.  I went to university to learn, not to get a job.  And I was surprised when I realized that wasn't the mindset of the majority of my fellow students.  When one is taught to learn, one can learn anything.

I wish I lived in a society where the pursuit of knowledge itself was seen as a worthwhile, life-long vocation.

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