V is for...

... vertigo.

I've blogged before about my odd form of vertigo, but thought it could use an update.  Because a new attraction at Toronto's CN Tower has been in the news, and I'm almost  positive it would give a LOT of people vertigo.

I haven't been to the CN Tower since grade school, but I was at Calgary's Tower just a few years ago - and realized that our brains are somewhat interesting.  That tower, like many now, has a "glass" floor part that you can walk on, and look straight down.  And since I'm not afraid of heights, no problem, right?

Wrong, very wrong.  It took every ounce of will power for me to step onto that floor.  I KNEW it was safe.  I KNEW there was a floor there.  I KNEW thousands of others had walked on it without incident.

But, that little reptilian segment of my brain kept shouting "Are you out of your freakin' MIND??????"  It was the oddest sensation, and I'm quite sure it would happen again if I tried this new attraction. 

In fact, my vertigo kicks in just from watching this video.  Enjoy, if you can...

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