Z is for...

... zany!

Well, think about it.  Take my geekiness, throw in odd family traditions, and add in things like trying to grow all my own veggies, buying a clothes line to use inside, and trying to dehydrate corn... and well, you get zany.

More examples?

As a young 'un (okay, not that young - teenager maybe?), my brother started, for some odd reason, to swap the first letters of words.  So, "no problem" became "pro noblem", etc.  It became infectious (of course!), and soon the whole family was doing it.  My father recommends one does not try this with "Huckleberry Finn".  But that's not the zany part.  The zany part is when it becomes so ingrained, that you forget most people don't talk like this, and wonder why you are getting odd looks whilst singing along with "Jenny and the Bets".  You know, the Elton John hit?

"Jenny, Jenny, Jenny and the Bets!"

Then there's that thing Dad and I do, where we will spontaneously say the same thing at the same time (oddly enough, generally some smart-ass quip), then look at each other and say "shut up!".  Really - this happens ALL THE TIME. 

It's inherited, I tell you. The whole famn damily is zany.

And also, to end with...

Z is for, of course, Zed, NOT Zee.  I am Canadian, after all! :)

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