R is for...

... raptor.

Although I'm not a "real" bird watcher, I do enjoy watching them, and being able to identify most of what I see (some even by their song!).  I have this odd quirk, though, where almost everyday, I see a raptor of some sort - mostly hawks or vultures.

Yes, everyday.

There are 3 different hawks (probably red-tails, but I've never gotten close enough to really see, and I suck at raptor ID anyhow) I see daily on the way to and from work.

In Saskatoon, there was the pair of Merlins that spent their summer near one of the apartments I lived in, and that I would see on my way to work most days, and the hawk that lived year-round close to the university campus. 

There are always turkey vultures hanging around here in the warm weather, and they are easy to identify, on size alone, as they soar through the summer sky.

And the guy in the picture hung out near the house for a few days earlier this summer.

I often wonder, especially when I see so many hawks on the drive to work, am I the only one that notices them?  Or are other drivers aware of them too?  And while I'm watching the hawks, what else am I missing that other drivers see??

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