G is for...

Who doesn't see Batman when they look at my blog stats?
... geek!

I admit it - I'm a total geek.

I get so excited over the geekiest things - like slime molds.  And most of my entertainment tends to be geek-based as well.

TV Shows?

Star Trek (all of them).  Babylon 5 - the first series that showed me what a story arc could actually do, and how amazing TV could be.  Buffy, of course!

And Firefly!! - who doesn't love Firefly?

"Were there monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?"

Best.  Line. EVER.

OH!!!  Big Bang Theory - pretty much the only reason I still have a TV.


Asimov, Clark, Piers Anthony (if all you've read is the Xanth series, try his Bio of a Space Tyrant sometime.  We aren't in Xanth anymore, Toto!), Baum (speaking of Toto), Bova, Bradbury, Ellison (shudder), Lovecraft (double shudder), Huxley, McCaffery, Lewis, Norton, Spider Robinson (so want to have a Callahan's in real life!).

HEINLEIN!  Should I be ashamed I have every book he's ever written?  Should I?

Oh, Douglas Adams.  Trust me on this one - driving half way across North America is best accomplished with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on tape playing the entire time.  Really.  And it will also improve your mileage to 42 miles a gallon.  Or something like that.

And Neil Gaiman.  I love Neil Gaiman*.  I want to have his children.  Just don't tell his wife, k?

So many great authors - so many I'm sure I forgot to list.


Too many to even start listing.  Really.

So yeah, I'm a geek.  Total geek.

I am not, however, a nerd.  If I was a nerd, my DVD player would actually be hooked up to the TV properly, so I could have that Firefly marathon (plus Serenity, of course) I've been planning for ages...

*oddly enough, I didn't know him until I was looking for a present for a friend's young daughter, and saw "The Wolves in the Walls", and picked it up, thinking what small child wouldn't like a story about wolves that live in the walls?  Ahem. Anyhow, upon giving it to the child, the father was heard to remark (ignoring the mother's somewhat horrified reaction to the book) "Neil Gamian?  COOL!!!!  You should read his stuff one day...".  And the rest, as they say, was history.

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