E is for...

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... earth.  And environment.  And education. 

Yes, I'm one of those freaky tree-hugging, granola-eating, plastic-hating freaks :)

Or, at least, I try to be.  Because E also stands for effort, and energy, and too little of either can lead to times where we all fall down, and resort to the easy (another E!) option, which is generally not the best one, environmentally speaking. 

We can argue about global warming, and peak oil, and all the rest, but I personally, based on the evidence (E!) I've seen, believe we are headed for bad times, and sooner rather than later.  

I believe we need to stop listening to those that have an economic (E!) stake in these discussions (read: politicians and oil companies), and start listening to those that are unbiased, or the least biased.  We need to learn that our resources are not unlimited, and we need the education to learn how to best use those resources.

And even if you don't think things are that bad, who doesn't love this earth of ours?  Isn't it a good goal, in and of itself, to try to reduce in our wasteful ways, the sheer amount of stuff we all seem to accumulate, to live a lifestyle that leaves enough for others, both while we are here, and after we are gone?

We only have one earth, and while it will survive right up until it gets consumed by the sun*, there is no guarantee that the human race will.  We need to start taking better care of our major resource, because it is, literally, all that we have. 

And no, I'm not perfect - in fact, far from it.  But at least I know the path I need to take, and I hope this blog will, in part, allow me to share that journey with you :)

*no worries - this is predicted to happen in ~7.6 billion years.  We still have time for another cup of (free-trade, organically grown) coffee or two :)

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