O is for...


While some people think my O should stand for opinionated (I have NO idea why anyone would find me opinionated.  Ahem.  Moving on...), I decided to go with opportunity.

I wish to leave this earth, when my time comes, with as few regrets as possible, and one way to minimize regrets is to grab opportunities when they come our way.

Looking back on my life so far, it's not the choices I made that disappoint me, it's the opportunities I passed up, for various reasons.  And while those reasons seemed valid at the time, I still wish I had chosen differently.

Money, time, effort... all are important, but $20 in your wallet will never make up for the lost chance of having missed supper with a fascinating individual.

And oddly enough, it's that missed dinner, over 15 years ago, that has made me realize that we sometimes prioritize the wrong things in our lives.

So my O is for opportunity, and for choosing wisely which we take, and which we pass up.

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